Hi there! I’m Andrea. I spent the better half of my early 20’s living and traveling around Europe. It’s there I first realized the ability food has to connect us to each other. Cooking is my way of sharing my travel experiences with the people I love.

I now live in Nashville, Tennessee with my husband and pupper.  I’m still an avid traveler (22 countries and counting!), and I still love trying new foods and creating recipes.

Here you’ll find seasonal food that’s usually inspired by my travels or the produce coming out of my garden and our farmers’ markets.  If you’re a curious home cook, this place is for you.

I’m currently cooking my way through Milk Street’s Tuesday Nights cookbook.  Every Tuesday on Instagram I make a new recipe from the book.  It’s a fun adventure, and you can follow along here.

 Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Andrea - Photo Credit: http://rachelmoorephoto.com/
Photo Credit: http://rachelmoorephoto.com/